Resourced with cutting-edge digital animation tools and equipment, a highly innovative and experienced team of artists, writers, and CGI experts at Ingenuity Productions is framing a virtual world of tomorrow.





20 Years of Experience In 3D Designing & Sound Studio

At Ingenuity Productions, we have a highly enthusiastic and experienced team of artists, writers, and CGI experts who are equipped with cutting-edge digital animation tools to help our team in making a way towards a virtual world.
To create an exquisite blend of a virtual audio-visual experience, our highly skillful concept artists, modelers, riggers, animators, FX artists, and compositors work hand in hand with an expert sound designing team that employs the finest voice, music, and Foley artists.

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What we do.


Ingenuity Productions offers you premium 3D animation services, ensuring quality work. Following your vision and adding creative 3D animated characteristics, our creative team brings your vision to life.


We offer our customers a range of appealing 3D design models that are carefully crafted to meet all standard requirements.


Our highly professional and outstanding team gives life to animated characters through rigging. We specialize in 3D skeleton formation, which helps in defining the range of actions and gestures of the models. Our team at Ingenuity is equipped with the latest technology which helps them bring ideas to life.


At Ingenuity Productions, we offer VFX & Compositing services built to suit our clients. We are equipped to deliver spectacular sequences across the entire spectrum of special effects, from working on grayscale models to texturing. With a team of highly skilled professionals leveraging high-end tools and advanced technologies, we provide best-in-class services.


Our state-of-the-art rendering and visualizing services provide world-class renders including still renders, videos, Web VR, and interactive stimulations. With high-quality machines and an impeccable power supply structure, our team efficiently executes rendering.


At Ingenuity Productions, we have professionals to create 2D animations. Our team works on storyboarding, modeling, rendering, rigging, and animation. We work to create engaging and entertaining content that captures viewers’ attention. We have skilled animators who work hard to provide appealing content.


Ingenuity Productions has highly skilled and professional screenwriters, lyricists, and writers on one hand, and a team of fastidious researchers on the other. We make sure to provide you with the most engaging content.


Ingenuity Productions’ sound studio is perfectly tailored according to the needs of our client. We hold in-house recording sessions, prepare music, dubbing, and sound design, use world-class voice actors and provide acoustic solutions.

Meet our Mentors.

Haris Basharat


Being a Ph.D. scholar with administrative experience of more than 10 years and extensive knowledge of political science, philosophy, and psychology, Haris Basharat has an inherent proclivity for administration and leadership. Haris’s academic and administrative prowess is complemented by his training in Theater Arts and Diction at The National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), and he currently directing a feature film at Ingenuity Productions. From serving in academia to heading research and development programs for various organizations, from providing administrative solutions to various companies to laying out operational plans for nascent business ventures; one finds a perfect fusion of intellectual acuity and pragmatic acumen in Haris’s personality.

Waseem Shareef

Position: Head of the Visual Department
Categories: main-1-team

With his professional excellence, natural leadership abilities, and passion for creativity, Waseem Shareef presides over the visual department at Ingenuity Productions. His professional career in 3D animations spans almost two decades with innumerable local and international projects under his belt and a vast experience in post-production. Apart from his professional expertise, Waseem is known for his spirited personality which uplifts the workplace energy.

Waseem Shareef

Head of the Visual Department

With his professional excellence, natural leadership abilities, and passion for…

Shoaib Ahmed

Position: Position: Creative and Audio Head
Categories: main-1-team

Having a strong academic background in digital design and a heightened aural sensibility, Shoaib has worked as a radio and television broadcaster, voice-over artist, sound designer, and project director for more than 15 years. Since the inception of his career in 2004, he has worked in various digital multimedia companies including the foremost national television networks like PTV, Geo TV, and Bol TV where he served as an anchor and host. As the head of the audio department at Ingenuity Productions, Shoaib is keen to put his expertise to the best use.

Shoaib Ahmed

Position: Creative and Audio Head

Having a strong academic background in digital design and a…

Tariq Javed

Position: Position: GM HR & Admin
Categories: main-1-team

Tariq Javed is a seasoned banker with a vast experience of over 3 decades. Serving at senior management positions in various well-reputed international banks in the middle east and Pakistan such as National Bank of Oman, BCCI, Bank Alfalah, etc. Mr. Tariq has a proven record of administrative acumen and corporate financing. He has significant achievements in building sustainable and progressive work cultures by empowering the workforce and optimizing their effectiveness.

Tariq Javed

Position: GM HR & Admin

Tariq Javed is a seasoned banker with a vast experience…